NGI Sargasso

Goal: support collaborations between US and EU entities to develop digital commons.

Deadline: December 18th 2023

Status: rejected

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We appreciate your interest in NGI Sargasso programme – SECOND OPEN CALL and your participation in the application and evaluation process. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that Citizen Wallet SF Luv did not pass the thresholds of the open call, and you have not been selected for this call.

Here is a summary of your assessment results:

Alignment Score: 2,55

Excellence Score: 2,97

Impact Score: 2,43

Total: 7,95

Evaluators' Comments: The evaluation of the proposal reveals a project centered on the development of a blockchain-based platform for issuing and distributing local currencies. This initiative, while aligning with the broader objectives of the NGI initiative, exhibits certain limitations in its approach and execution. The project's focus on creating an open-source platform to facilitate the use of local currencies is commendable, yet it lacks a clear, focused argument on how it aligns with and contributes to the identified challenges. The proposal effectively outlines the problem it aims to solve, emphasizing the development of a user-friendly platform. However, it falls short in arguing its potential deployment and exploitation in practical terms, particularly in the context of engaging local actors and ensuring the currency's usability in real-world scenarios.

The team behind the proposal is recognized for their competence, but there are concerns regarding the depth of their technical expertise, particularly in blockchain technology. The profiles of the team members are insufficiently detailed, lacking clear indications of their competencies and experiences relevant to the project. This raises questions about the team's ability to achieve the anticipated results, especially considering the technical challenges inherent in simplifying wallet user experience—a task many companies have already undertaken. The project's ambition to develop another wallet in a crowded market, without leveraging existing initiatives, particularly those at the European level, is seen as a potential oversight.

In terms of project planning and execution, the proposal sets out a well-considered duration and includes a detailed activity plan, complete with a Gantt chart. However, there are gaps in how these activities are matched to milestones, affecting the ability to monitor progress effectively. The expected results, while related to the project's objectives, are not sufficiently clear in terms of how they will be monitored and evaluated for effectiveness, functionality, security, and scalability. The lack of a robust monitoring and evaluation framework is a notable omission, especially given the ambitious nature of the improvements the proposal intends to develop over the current state of the art.

The proposal adequately addresses the potential economic and social impacts of the project, highlighting job creation, innovation, and increased citizen participation. However, these aspects are discussed at a qualitative level, lacking objective estimations and precise arguments. The communication and dissemination strategies, while varied, lack explicit targets and a clear definition of the intended audience. Furthermore, the proposal provides only generic ideas for exploitation, missing a clear strategy for how the results will be utilized post-project. In summary, while the proposal aligns with the NGI initiative's vision and presents a clear problem statement, it requires further refinement in its technical depth, team competency detailing, monitoring and evaluation framework, and exploitation strategies to fully realize its potential impact.

Thank you for considering NGI Sargasso Project, and we wish you success in your pursuit of your goals.

Best regards,

NGI Sargasso team.