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  • Roadmap
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  • Open conversation

Meeting notes


February 21


  • Jonas
  • Kevin
  • Xavier


  • Dev update
  • IOU implementation
  • Redeem functions

-> have a web app to make QR codes to redeem

  • What features should be in the app
  • Spend more time on documentation
  • ETH global London
  • Project topic?
  • Indexer as a services (indexing all events on digital chain)
  • (Temporary) Community Side chain (using optimism superchain)
  • IOUs for offline payments
  • Sessions: allow many devices and other third party apps to use your wallet during a certain time and spending limit
  • Bookings
  • Train
  • Stay
  • Group members
  • Workshops Woluwe
  • CI token

February 14


  • Xavier (@xavier)
  • Chuck, Seattle (@chuckseattle) (going to Costa Rica)
  • Jonas
  • PJ (@pjol)
  • Paul (@pgo)




Chuck: Going to Costa Rica and talk to people who do local currencies.


Here is the full interview with @Scott Morris (unedited).

-> https://riverside.fm/dashboard/editor/preview/f1df97fe-129c-4163-8dd2-a4df0380580a/65bbbb39997f898afbdd8ff2?share-token=da8d3815f24fa892797a&content-shared=recording-preview

Looking for people to help edit it 🙂

We can easily do small capsules for social media with riverside, like this one: https://riverside.fm/dashboard/editor/preview/f1df97fe-129c-4163-8dd2-a4df0380580a/65c53b9578cb4fdf9374b83d?share-token=da8d3815f24fa892797a&content-shared=recording-preview

Chuck: Importance of having a market place. Weave with local scale market place. Been working in alpha level for a few years.

3-4 templates to run a local currency.

Fiat backed currency

Mutual credit

Time bank


Missing the links to the actual projects mentioned, ways to deep dive.


Nobody is doing any transactions on the Katuah mutual credit type currencies. (These are almost all test/hobby transactions: explorer.telos.net/account/rainbowproto… )

PJ: Looking at Square Pay Terminal integration. MVP: just record the transaction that happened on the blockchain to their POS. Will still need to generate the QR code on their phone. Permissions seem very broad.

See also: developer.squareup.com/docs/terminal-ap…

Need a version to enable

Application submitted for the TrustChain Open Call #3 on Economics and Democracy: TrustChain OC3 Proposal Citizen Spring

Crypto Bar:




Will, Diana Finch, OAK.community,

Lot of goodwill around CELO.


  • One pager to describe the March 27th 7:30pm-2h peer to peer learning on community currencies

February 7


  • PJ
  • Chuck
  • Xavier
  • Kevin
  • Jonas



  • Integration with square pay
  • Get a webhook to send data to square
  • No top up function yet. Intentional for now
  • Crypto wednesday
  • Bar. zinne
  • Real world situation where people play with real money for real drinks
  • Top up with Stripe for the first time
  • New web app
  • Progress & looks good
  • Plugins for onboarding and topup
  • Refused for NGI Sargasso grant
  • Brussels Pay - Innoviris
  • Pre-selected
  • Local stablecoin for brussels
  • Not a different brand. Still euros
  • Transaction fees stay in the community
  • Finance a participatory budget
  • Fossdem
  • In India, paying in QR codes everywhere
  • Scott Morris podcast
  • 1h40min. If someone knows someone who can edit it and reduce it, it would be great
  • Another podcast with Michel Bauwens
  • Next guest for talking about community currencies
  • Android backup
  • Like WhatsApp
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Saved to the hidden app folder on your Google Drive
  • UX still needs fixing in the settings section of the app
  • Confusing
  • Not clear
  • SFLUV DAO Governance
  • Get PJ unblocked on the dashboard
  • Some indexer updates to index governance contracts

January 31


  • Xavier, Brussels
  • Kevin, Brussels
  • Chuck, Washington
  • Jonas, Antwerp
  • Paul, SF
  • PJ, SF


  • Android
  • New backup system
  • Cards


  • PJ is ready to help out
  • Chuck: looks forward to Android app for experimenting with online markets
  • Paul: looking forward to getting PJ started on some stuff
  • Jonas: back from 1 week time off, curious to hear about updates. Would like to schedule a call about Woluwe project
  • Xavier: traveling. Met the people who started the LETS (SEL in french) in Wallonia. Time bank community. Got a negative answer from NGI (proposed partnership between Citizen Wallet and SFLUV). We got $1000 from Polygon infra round. Not sure what the matching will be for this.


  • 1 file to host a community server
  • Plan for PJ to start working on the dashboard
  • Next JS dashboard
  • Need wireframe session to determine what is needed to spin up a community
  • Interface to do all thinks currently done manually
  • Current default token in app when installing is gratitude app
  • Unsplittable token
  • Define a common gratitude token that everybody can mint
  • Idea is to mint 100 when you create a new wallet
  • Update on card
  • Build programmable NFC cards
  • Would be possible to have offline transactions with NFC card, vendor only needs connection from time to time
  • Card can hold private key
  • 4 kb card
  • Passive but can sign what you send it
  • Functions as a chequebook

January 24


  • Xavier, Brussels
  • Kevin, Brussels
  • Chuck, Washington
  • Guil, Berlin
  • Paul, SF
  • “Decentralized CEO”, Atlanta, Nigeria (Greenpill) twitter.com/izzylawrence11


  • Android
  • New backup system


  • Chuck: working on specs document and wireframes for an open collective version for web3.
  • In a DAO environment, people get tokens for contributing or occupying certain roles, proposals to remunerate various initiatives.
  • Every community currency is a DAO
  • Managing a DAO is like the Wordpress Admin interface
  • Need an entity to invoice
  • Fiscal hosts for individuals, not only collectives
  • OpenCivics is interested in fiscal sponsorship
  • Kevin: setting up a proper way for account backup in the citizen wallet. Boilerplate for a dashboard. Android, then dashboard. Then we can finally deliver on the promise of making it easy for anyone to spin up their own community.
  • Paul: Meeting tomorrow focus on community development. How do we want to define identity?
  • Chuck: focus on fiscal sponsorship: how can we generate a QR from a marketplace webapp
  • Guil: milestones for Celo design wise.The more you build, the more there is to build. It starts to get more complex. We might need more people.
  • https://fresquedelamonnaie.org/ 
  • SoundView, PWA on OP.
  • For some communities, topping up means making a request with an attachment.
  • Local Scale: how to be notified when the payment was made -> need to offer a proper SDK to implement the Citizen Wallet payment.
  • People should be able to follow a merchant account so that employees can see if payment went through (without being able to send money out).
  • Figma is open (https://figma.citizenwallet.xyz), feel free to comment on it
  • Chuck: focus on fiscal sponsorship stuff
  • Kevin: working on the android release

Heard from you about GG19

Our audience just want to create. I want to get their EVM address.

Targeting digital artists, musicians, …

Creator Collab. Incentivize, catalyst, for individuals to collaborate on a project, e.g. create together an NFT. Open Source, a wallet for your community.

Publish milestones on https://www.karmahq.xyz/ 

Arbitrum funding: jokerace.xyz/contest/arbitrumone/0x19bD… 

Need to provide an SDK to make it easy for apps/websites to issue their token / voucher.

Issue a Citizen Walelt Gratitude Token to give away gratitude from the perspective of the citizen wallet.

January 17


  • Xavier, Brussels
  • Kevin, Brussels
  • Michael (nickelshine), Oakland, SF,
  • Scott Morris, France
  • Paul, SF
  • Chuck
  • …Guil second half



Paul ‘s son in coding bootcamp, available to contribute.

We did raise some money for the SFLuv community.

SFLuv portal (wrapped USDC on polygon, need an unwrap mechanic), community specific UI.

Link accounts as a signer to the ERC4337 account.

High end restaurant in Tenderloin. $100 to 10 people each.

Portal to unwrap and send USDC to their coinbase.

Need to show merchants this is real money.

Need 200 businesses (minimum viable network).

How do you sign up merchants?

We need to be able to have separate interfaces linked to the citizen wallet.

DAO mechanic.

Heading towards a Community Server that will take care of push notifications, indexing, …

Polygon round:

Report card: reportcards.gitcoin.co/137/0x546b0bF47C… 

TX description will be able to support adding a custom reference to the transaction (to reconcile).

Idea: add a public message and metadata.

We need to think of Citizen Wallet Accounts as identities.

iOS old ipad touch bug with creating a voucher.

Scott to

Chuck: web3 prototype of open collective.

In the US: create a LLC and open a merchant account with Circle.

How does this mission evolve?

How to make decisions together?

What QR code do we have to generate to allow CW users to have the same experience than the Seed Wallet.

January 10


  • Xavier
  • Kevin
  • Chuck
  • Scott
  • Jonas
  • Guil


  • Retrospective 2023
  • What’s up for 2024?




Running out of time on the financial crisis front.

Indicators of a financial crisis between February and August.

Economic resilience through fintech and civic engagement.

Not too late to get prepared.


Jumped the shark to work for myself, looking to stabilize in 2024


Cascadia Bioregion active in connecting with other regen projects and financial connectivity with web3 tools. Optimistic about 2024 in terms of things finally starting to work.


Connecting more with spirituality. Doing less, explore more. Change the euro, create new currencies.

Unbox raised another $12M https://www.unboxuniverse.com/


Work on amazing projects, CW, Regens Unite in a way that is financially sustainable for me.


Commune of Brussels Woluwe wants to launch a currency to stimulate volunteering. People can register to volunteer. Validation process. Citizens receive tokens that can be used in the commune (e.g. swimming pool).

Pilot by end of March. 8-9 months project to validate.

Budget: €30k (€10k for Citizen Wallet, €10k for platform development, €10k for business development)

Scott: I have experienced starting a currency to reward volunteers.

Record call to share experience building a community currency.

Hero reward program. Merit badge.

Every location was able to customize their offering (so that it doesn’t cost you anything, or not much).

Avoid tax reporting.

Jonas: Why did it stop? How to keep such project going? Key stakeholders needed for such project to succeed?

Kevin: what are the factors that contributed to slowing down? What are the things that get it started?

Xavier: What were the incentives for people to join? Wanna hear from them. What were the friction points from the medium/platform/technology stand point?

Guil: What were the main pitfalls? Don’t do this, do this.

Chuck: Launch process: how did you get enough organizations interested?


  • Top up / onramp within the app.

In Belgium only businesses can offramp.

Bottleneck is paying server costs. It will motivate people to use the app, but not sustainable.

Maybe it’s something we can offer to a community: we can get coinbase to sponsor your transactions on base.

Scott: Would love to discuss more strategic planning, fundraising.

Guil: excited to keep working on the design and see it live

Jonas: excited about the Woluwe project that will start this month, looking forward to work actively together on that. One question: create a budget to keep the project running going for the coming years?

Kevin: Moving to a new phase, less exploratory, we know more what we need to do

Good to meet new people that I wouldn’t have never met otherwise.

Chuck: Most of my work in Seed community and rainbow token. Excited to build a foreign exchange between community currencies. Interested to talk more about that.


December 20


  • Kevin
  • Xavier
  • Guil


  • Needs of the community
  • NGI Sargasso application with SFLuv
  • GG19 Donations ~3k in total
  • New release
  • Design conversation
  • What’s next?


  • Need for invoicing
  • Still animosity towards card payments. But I don’t have cash. No card sign. 5 euros minimum. It’s not only about fees but also about surveillance.  
  • Time-banking (add a description to transactions)
  • Bridging / Safe Accounts / Offramping - massive pain point
  • Open Letter / digital public good that should be supported by the community but its not - how can CW help? - When Sign > Tip button that shows balance

jWoluwe decision next week

We spread a lot of seeds (grant applications). Now waiting for which ones will sprout next Spring.

Good to see the interface improvements.

New release: already live for web.

Has a community, we can change the owner of an account (and therefore recover). Not in the app.

EIP1271: implemented on the contract, but we need to add the integration in the app.

Community paymaster

Push notification per account

Need to decouple responsibility to write on the blockchain.


2 months of development, happy

December 13


  • Kevin
  • Xavier
  • Aseem
  • Paul
  • Billy
  • Chuck Harrisson
  • Leen
  • Raynharr
  • Jonas


  • Account Abstraction to vote in a DAO (Aseem)
  • Woluwe Coin, Brussels Pay (Jonas)
  • Offline transactions model (Kevin)
  • Polygon jokerace


Check in: what gives you hope?

People collaborating

Help local citizens shape the world around them. Urban regeneration, very community centric. Rebuilding democracy one community at a time.

NYTimes headline about phasing out fossil fuel. Hope that it’s moving in the right direction. Ironic it happened in an oil country.

Regens Unite (https://regensunite.earth), people meeting across different communities (web3, healers, …).

Chuck (Seattle). Involved with the SEEDS project and local currencies. Not really a software developper. Working on localscale, platform coop. Telos blockchain (not EVM compatible). How to do foreign exchange between communities.

People still building give me hope. See people focused and stay on track.


Upgrade of the user smart accounts.

One account per community.

Community level account recovery.

Seamless upgrade of your account.

Offline transactions where we generate out of order Userops.

Pushing boundaries of ease of use.

Private keys are authentication tokens, never leaves the device.

Local offline transaction scheme -- Triple Entry Accounting (TEA)


People so far have been building offchain paymasters.

You delegate UNI to yourself or somebody else to be able to vote.

20-50% extra gas cost.


€25k budget for Woluwe project. Will find out early 2024.

Brussels Pay

Check out

  • Offline currencies
  • UX, Unlocked scenarios, how do we harness that technology
  • Happy to hear that it’s AA by default. It’s the baseline.
  • Open source world solves problems faster.
  • Cool to see a different usage of paymasters (onchain)
  • Phasing out fossil fuel and gas fees.

Paul: Enabling voting in a DAO with Account Abstraction is a priority for me next year.

December 6


  • Kevin
  • Xavier
  • Guil
  • Nicolas
  • Jonas
  • Paul


  • CELO
  • Zinne
  • New owner model
  • Design


Nicolas: What’s the flexibility, how to get started?

We received the $16k for milestone 2 from CELO

Migrating old accounts is adding a lot of complexity.

Moving to a model where accounts are owned by the community so that you can always recover. You trust the community anyway since they can change the supply of the token (and your account is only used for that token).

  • Add a new private key to an existing account as a recovery method

What kind of economy do we want? (That’s where Nicolas can help)

Maybe we could have a card to represent a community and then swipe between them.

Make it easy to switch communities, but once you are in a community, you are in an uncluttered environment.

Let’s focus on the one pager experience for a given community.

Don’t like the idea of showing the fiat equivalent. A local currency is not meant to be converted back to underlying peg.

Need for a reputation / governance token / NFTs.


Local government is part of it, you can pay some taxes with it.

Surface volunteer work / contributions.

See also praise / time banks.

Like the idea of multiple tokens

Guil: excited to keep working on the design.

Kevin: Excited to finally release the new accounts, but also excited for the new design to make it

Xavier: Focus on a single community mode

Paul: People get it when they see the wallet. Excited about the time bank.

November 29


  • Kevin
  • Xavier
  • Jonas (will be a bit later)
  • Pipo (Germany)
  • Guil


  • Testing
  • Way to delete accounts from app?
  • Monerium already working?


Software engineer. Cancer research (to pay the bills).

Social media marketing, web2, web3. Looking for ways to contribute to use decentralized systems, web3 apps.

Need to fix the bug when you are in a different community.

Jonas: Brussels PAY project: requesting subsidy. TODO: Xavier to review.

We might need to add DDoS protection on the bundler (to avoid people creating thousands of new accounts and drain the paymaster). E.g. limit number of transactions per IP address.

Paul: ethereum-magicians.org/t/rip-7560-nativ… 

New wallet: https://daimo.com/ (USDC on Base)

Good talks to get a few donors ($10-15k each) to support sfluv.org

Admin Private key leaked for sfluv (fixed).

Need to keep github issues up to date to make it easy for new contributors to pick up something.

Account Abstractions needs to be a multisig.

November 22


  • Kevin
  • Billy
  • Guil
  • Jonas
  • Xavier
  • Raynharr
  • Ben



  • Guil is back after traveling a lot.
  • Need for building calls (rather than community calls)
  • Jonas:Woluwe project: waiting for tender to be released, innovation grant to explore, happy to test new features
  • Billy: thanksgiving week, fundraising mode for sfluv (how can we do that in a way that is sustainable for the underlying open source stack?).
  • Onramp/offramp very important (bank connection)
  • Very important to show a view of all the transactions in the community and the amount raised for the community, and how this can help the community regenerate.

App updates

  • Push notifications
  • Own paymaster
  • Make accounts upgradable


How can we create a proper legal structure to support the work? Eg. Steward owned company

November 15


  • Kevin
  • Xavier
  • Ryanharr


  • Celo milestone 1


Importance to not use “crypto”. It scares people.

Could this be helpful for homeless people? Could we give them a card and laminated big QR code?

This could be interpreted differently by local shops who instead of seeing this as a way to be a good citizen, may see this as an attractor for homeless people.

It’s not only for homeless people but also street artists.

We reached the first milestone for the Celo grant:

Redeem voucher:


Send back from new account without CELO to pay for gas


Paymaster account:


Entry point used:



November 8


  • Kevin
  • Xavier
  • Paul
  • Billy
  • Jonas





November 1


  • Kevin
  • Xavier

October 25th


  • Kevin
  • Xavier
  • Guarrick
  • Ryanharr

October 18th


  • Kevin
  • Xavier
  • Jonas
  • Paul
  • Garrick
  • Ryanharr


OAK: really hard to get local coffee shops to accept it. They already have a nice PoS (e.g. Square) with a nice interface to invite the customer to tip. Can’t compete with that.

October 11th


  • Kevin
  • Xavier
  • Paul