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Current features

Receive and send any ERC20 token (on polygon, optimism or base).
No sign up, no setup required, no gas fees 🤩

Even your parents can do it 💪

What’s next

Native iOS and Android app.

Enable any community to issue their own community currency and use the Citizen Wallet to enable their community members to receive and send their currency.

Our mission

Give citizens the tools they need to build resilient and regenerative communities.

Make it easy for any community to create their own currency
to facilitate exchanges with and within their community.

Why yet another crypto wallet?

Existing crypto wallets assume that you are a technical person or a trader. But the next billion people that will join crypto are not interested in active trading.

To onboard them to our DAOs and other web3 applications, we need to be able to direct them to the metamask equivalent for non crypto people. A mobile wallet that you can quickly set up and that doesn’t require you to know about gas fees, native tokens and seed phrases.

Why do we need new currencies?

We need to move from the monoculture of one currency (centralized, efficient) to a permaculture of many different currencies (decentralized, resilient).

We cannot measure all the different ways citizens contribute to their community with only one unit of account. We need a way to differentiate money earned by participating in the old global degenerative economy, with money earned by participating in the economy of your community.


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Shillings from Heaven / Wörgl’s Miracle

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Nouns DAO, Cult DAO

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