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A wallet for your community token 🔅

The Citizen Wallet is an open source crypto wallet that you can preconfigure for your community token. The end result is a wallet ready to use for your community members (on iOS, Android and web).

No need to learn any web3 lingo.

Want your own wallet for your community token?

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Current features ☑️

Receive and send the ERC20 token of your community (on polygon, optimism, celo or base).
No sign up, no setup required, no gas fees 🤩

Anyone can do it 💪

What’s next 🗓️

Built-in token factory to enable any community to issue their own community currency.

Our vision 🌝

The Citizen Wallet aims to be the Wordpress of web3. The open source stack that enables communities to deploy their own “blog.yourdomain.tld” (wallet.yourdomain.tld) and preconfigure it with their MySQL database (ERC20 token on an EVM compatible blockchain) in order to let their users participate in the Read/Write (Read/Write/Own) web without any technical knowledge.

Our mission 🎯

Give citizens the tools they need to build resilient and regenerative communities.

Make it easy for any community to create their own currency to facilitate exchanges with and within their community, and tax transactions to fund their public goods.

Why yet another crypto wallet? 📲

Existing crypto wallets assume that you are either a technical person or a trader. But most citizens are not interested in active trading.

To receive the tokens of your community (aka DAO), citizens need a simple wallet that is already configured for the chain and token address that you use.  A mobile wallet that doesn’t require users to know about gas fees and seed phrases. A wallet that moves the complexity from the end user to the community that they trust.

Why do we need new currencies? 💵

We need to move from the monoculture of one currency (centralized, efficient) to a permaculture of many different currencies (decentralized, resilient).

We cannot measure all the different ways citizens contribute to their community with only one unit of account. We need a way to differentiate money earned by participating in the old global degenerative economy, with money earned by participating in the economy and wellbeing of your community.


Kevin Sundar Raj

Xavier Damman

Guil Is

Jonas Boury

Paul O’Leary

William Riggs

Garrick Monaghan

Leen Schelfhout


Celo Community Fund

Albert Wenger



Paul O’Leary

Ben Milne


Supporting DAOs

Regens Unite

(edit this page to add your local DAO to this list)