CELO Gather

Berlin, May 24 2024

Video of the event


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From our paymaster:

788 transactions (including profile creations)

$0,98 of transaction fees

From the Celo Community Point:

7,885.00 CeloC transacted during the day

628 transactions

Point system

Public good wall

When participants left the event they had the option to donate their bracelet to one of the 3 collectives. That way the participants also had an incentive to recycle their bracelets so we can use them on next events.

Social 11

creative 18

climate 30

So around 50% of the bracelets were donated. Some participants liked to keep the bracelets as souvenir of the Celo gathering.

Next steps

  • Integrate NFT for poaps:
  • Index  nft tokens liked the the NFC wallet addres
  • For this we can use an existing indexing service
  • Potentially automatically distribute a reward once poaps are added
  • Need way to withdraw all from NFC bracelet -> for example to easily collect the tokens from the public good wall
  • Add option to erase profile from NFC bracelet
  • Need to implement limit to amount of claims per challenge for each address


Loss: -€347


Total: €3055.05 (without paying anyone’s time)

  • Night train from Brussels: €758 (5 people)
  • AirBnB €1811.05 (3 nights, 5 people)
  • NFC Wristbands (200 units) €386
  • NFC keyrings €100 (fablab + nfc tags)

Note: 2 people tagged along (Jonas’s partner and Bruno). Bruno helped the full day at CELO Gather. Jonas’ partner will cover her part of the costs.

  • 300 euros -  Marije (added in tricount)


From CELO:

Total: €2708