Bread chain event - report

May 25th, Moos, Berlin


Vitalik came by and Jonas got him to install the Citizen Wallet and claim his first $BREAD (did anyone take a picture?)

-> the Vitalik transaction;… 

Great turnout. Quality people. Good conversations. Intimate space. Positive energy.

The $BREAD faucet worked perfectly. It was a very smooth onboarding.

The QR code to pay with bread at @thebakery was seamless. Directly opens the app at the right place. Just put the amount and done.

Low lights

People didn’t know what they could buy with $BREAD. Need to have a poster with a price list.

The minimum of $20 BREAD to top up is too much. Should have been $10.

The live view is great but it could have been on a proper dedicated screen (the HDMI cable had to be used for the main projector)

The top up didn’t work at first. Kevin and I had to focus for the first 30mn of the event to fix the bug. Stressful, made us miss Vitalik, and made us make mistakes (we refunded Mounty $20, but he eventually got his 20 BREAD, and we sent $100 BREAD to the wrong address, more on that below).


  • 91 BREAD sold
  • 26 people claimed their free BREAD, including Vitalik
  • 212 total token holders

Lost bread

TLDR: we burnt $100 BREAD (we sent it to an address that will never be able to move it elsewhere)

In the rush of fixing the bug on production for the top up via Stripe, we thought at a moment that I had sent the 300 BREAD to the wrong address (narrator: we did not). So we sent the remaining $100 BREAD to what we believe was the right address (narrator: it was not).

Question to Josh: do you have a mechanism to burn it?


Faucet address:…

74 BREAD left (so 26 people claimed their free BREAD, including Vitalik)

Returned to where the initial 500 BREAD grant came from:…) 

Top up address:…

@thebakery 258.2 BREAD… 

91 BREAD distributed (209 BREAD left, moved back to where the initial 500 BREAD grant came from:…)

How come it sent 5 BREAD?… 

(not recorded on Stripe)

Note: we refunded $20 to Mounty but he got the 20 BREAD (stripe keeps replaying the webhook until it receives a 200 response).

We sent by mistake 100 BREAD to this address which is the AccountFactory.

This happened because the move to ethers.js v6 changed the behavior of getAddress (…)